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3 Reasons Why Everyone Can and Should Use Resistance Bands

3 Reasons Why Everyone Can and Should Use Resistance Bands

Fitness can be an image game. Image not just in the way one looks, but even in the way one works out. There is a nostalgia to moving big weights, hearing them clink and such. For some folks it is not even doing what is best for them, but simply doing what looks best.

When it comes to something that may not look as appealing or “cool”, resistance bands may come to mind. But do not get it twisted, resistance bands may be the most versatile piece of equipment in your gym. Resistance bands may not give you the kind of resistance that free weights do, but they have their own perks that free weights cannot touch.

For Everyone

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It does not matter if you are a child who wants to workout with mom or dad, or a senior citizen looking to stay active, resistance bands are safe and effective. Even for the elite of athletes, resistance bands can add a whole other dynamic to your workout routine when it comes to working stabilizer muscles and versatility. They are also great if you are rehabbing an injury and looking to be careful all while getting in a good workout.


If you are on the go all the time, resistance bands are easy to pack up and take with you. They of course do not require any room to use, so all you need is a place to stand or sit. Even if you workout at a gym, they are easy to pack away and take with you to your workout so you can use them for a warmup or cooldown routine.

Isometric Training

Resistance bands can easily mimic free weight movements, but also provide another dynamic of intensity that may be more difficult to do with free weights. Resistance bands are great for strength of a muscle but will also help out with endurance of the fibers. This is because one an focus more so on isometric, or static training. This is when you hold a movement in a fixed position until failure.

“So, if you have had this silly notion that resistance bands are only for stay at home moms or old people, you are wrong. Resistance bands provide their own sense of intensity and variety, along with being portable and cost effective. Go buy you a few and throw them in your gym bag.”


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