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What to Look for in an Online Fitness Store

Our Archon Fitness team wants you to know we are so much more than an online fitness store. At Archon Fitness, we provide the highest-quality fitness equipment and want to establish a relationship with our customers and help them meet their individual goals for success.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. When you’re looking to purchase fitness equipment online, you need to be sure what you’re buying is what you need to meet your goals. We encourage you to reach out to us and engage in a dialogue about your goals, equipment, and the exercises you’re planning to try. 

If you’re looking to buy fitness equipment online, you need an online store with knowledgeable staff that is responsive to your questions, as well as a store that has an expansive collection to choose from, understands recent trends in fitness, and has common-sense return and warranty policies. A quick look through user reviews is one more way to tell you’re in the right place.

You’ll find all of that and more at Archon Fitness. We are here for you when it counts. 


Our team is passionate about health and fitness. Our Archon Fitness team members are either former athletes or fitness enthusiasts who have a real passion for what we do. 

Our team uses our equipment – every day. We are constantly innovating, thinking through new ways consumers can most effectively utilize our products, and helping you find the best ways to reach your goals. 

Health and fitness should be accessible to everyone. We want a healthier community in both mind and body. We don’t just want to sell equipment. We want to sell equipment that you’re going to use to change your life for the better. 

When you purchase a piece of equipment from Archon, we want to engage in a dialogue with you about that equipment. We know our products – inside and out. Do you need exercises utilizing the equipment? Do you need help putting the equipment together? How has your experience been using the equipment? We want to know because we care.

We don’t want to be a good online fitness store; we want to be the best online fitness store.


It’s unlikely that you’ll find another fitness company with team members as responsive as those at Archon Fitness. Maybe it’s because we understand customers’ frustration when something’s not gone quite the way they’d hoped, or perhaps because we know that when you’re anxious to get started, it’s hard to wait for an answer to a question. 

Our team understands that your time is valuable. Whether you’re a professional trainer, gym owner, or just beginning your fitness journey, we respond quickly to your needs. We want to see you succeed – quickly! 

Do you have questions on how to use the equipment you just purchased? Did you run into a snag setting up your newly-purchased equipment? Do you think your exercises may not be appropriate for the equipment you’ve been using? Are you not reaching your fitness goals like you thought you might? We want to answer all your questions quickly and accurately. 

Our website is the best place to reach us. With an easy-to-access customer support email form and a toll-free phone number, we will respond as quickly as possible. You’re important to us. 

Expansive Selection 

When our founder, fitness advocate Don Sprouse, began to design and manufacture our line of equipment, he wanted to provide only the highest quality equipment at a fair price. Don wanted functionality and quality to be at the forefront of everything we produced. 

Our team keeps that mentality today. To be the best online fitness store, we have to offer only the best products out there – and make them available at an affordable price for everyone.

At Archon Fitness, you can expect an expansive selection of fitness equipment and accessories. We know you need options. That’s why we provide our equipment in a range and variety that make sense. 

We have an extensive selection of fitness equipment at fair prices. Our equipment is appropriate for commercial use, smaller fitness studios, or even home gyms. 

We are encouraged by and proud of a return rate of less than 1%, which tells us we must be doing something right. At Archon Fitness, we want you to have only the best. 

Recent Trends 

This last year’s pandemic has changed the way people feel about fitness. With people unable to get to the gym and limited in their exercise options, more people turned online for advice and equipment. Our team at Archon Fitness is glad to see this recent interest in health and fitness, and we understand what people are looking for. 

We believe more people will find that working out at home is a rewarding experience. Many find they can work out on their own schedule, at their own pace, and without any of the feelings of insecurity that some may feel in a public gym environment. Working out at home can be a more pleasant experience for some than working out in public. 

Our team is ready to help you achieve your goals by helping you focus on intentional exercise, and we’ll work with you to find all the ways you can use our equipment to your advantage. 

Whether you’re an at-home fitness fan, a trainer growing your clientele, or even a gym looking to expand, we are here as a resource for your success. 

Returns and Warranties 

Life happens. Our team understands. Our Archon Fitness warranties and return policies protect the consumer. We believe our return rate of less than 1% speaks directly to our commitment to ensuring you get the equipment you need to meet your goals when you order.  

If you need to return equipment for any reason, we want to hear from you. Our warranty claim is easy to fill out online, and you can expect a prompt response. Your satisfaction is our priority. We are committed to working together to keep a satisfied customer! 

User Reviews 

No matter what you’re ordering online, we recommend you look through the user reviews available on the site before clicking the “Purchase” button. User reviews are just one way you can take a peek into the culture of the business. 

At Archon Fitness, we are pleased that our customers leave thoughtful, glowing reviews about their experiences on our website, their purchases, and interacting with our staff. 

Look through our customer reviews and see for yourself why we are the best online fitness store. 

The Archon Difference 

Archon is way more than an online retailer for workout equipment. We are a fitness company staffed by a team of passionate professionals dedicated to healthier bodies and healthier minds. 

We provide a wide selection of only the highest-quality equipment and offer free shipping on almost all items. When you purchase a piece of workout equipment from us, our relationship is just beginning. Ideally, we start a dialogue. 

We want you to know how to effectively and safely use the equipment so you see the results you’re expecting. Communicate with one of our trainers about the equipment you’ve purchased, and let us design a workout for you that will help you meet your fitness goals. 

We are here for you. We want you to succeed. Whether you’re just beginning your journey toward fitness or you are well on your way to healthier living, you are important to us. Check out our website and start your relationship with Archon – TODAY.  

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