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Archon Fitness:
Tips From the Trainers

full body barbell workout - olympic bar workout - archon fitness

Full Body Olympic Bar Workouts For Anyone

Table of ContentsWhat’s the Difference Between an Olympic Barbell and a Standard Barbell?UPPER BODY OLYMPIC BARBELL EXERCISESCORE OLYMPIC BARBELL EXERCISESLOWER BODY OLYMPIC BARBELL EXERCISESSet Up Your Home Gym with Professional Olympic Barbells and Bumper Plates From Archon Fitness When you’re taking on strength training into your fitness routine, it can be common to hear things…

upper body exercise - ez curl bar - archon fitness

Best Upper Body Exercises with an EZ Curl Bar

Table of ContentsWhat is an EZ Curl Bar?What’s the Difference Between an EZ Curl Bar and a Standard Barbell?Archon’s EZ Curl BarEZ Curl Bar Upper Body WorkoutsStart Working Out Like a Pro with Archon Fitness Equipment You’re likely familiar with barbells and straight bars, but have you ever seen the weighted bars at the gym…

medicine ball - Home Gym Fitness Equipment - archon fitness

Archon Home Gym Fitness Equipment: Everything You Need

Table of ContentsHome Gym Cable Machines, Cages and StationsBars and Bumper Plates for Your Home GymHome Gym Essentials: Dumbbells, Bands, and BallsArchon Home Gym Equipment, Accessories, and More Setting up a home or commercial gym seems simple, but when you start searching for suitable brands to buy, they can be extremely expensive or made with…

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