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The Best Barbell Exercises For Building Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders

Table of ContentsThe Importance of a Strong Upper BodyBarbell Exercises for BicepsBarbell Exercises for TricepsBarbell Exercises for ShouldersGet Archon For Professional and Reliable Barbells and Other Fitness Equipment We all want strong, toned arms to look and feel stronger, more confident and vigorous. There is no shortage of fitness equipment to help build your upper…

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - Archon Fitness

Massage Gun vs Foam Roller: Which Soothes Muscles Best?

Table of ContentsFirst, Why is Myofascial Release So Important?How to Use a Foam RollerBenefits of Using a Foam RollerWhere a Massage Gun Beats a Foam RollerHow to Use a Massage GunThe Benefits of Using a Massage GunThe Drawbacks of Using a Massage GunWhy It’s Important to Use a Recovery ToolPump and Recover with Archon Fitness…

What’s the Difference Between Medicine Balls, Wall Balls, and Slam Balls

Table of ContentsSlam Balls VS Wall Balls VS Medicine BallsWHAT IS A SLAM BALL?WHAT IS A WALL BALL?WHAT IS A MEDICINE BALL?Should You Invest In All Three Weighted Balls?ARCHON Fitness Equipment Is Built To Last Many gym members have decided that they want to pursue a safe and healthy route around the Coronavirus pandemic and…

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