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barbell deadlift - barbells - archon fitness

Barbells: Are You Doing Deadlifts Wrong?

Table of ContentsHow Proper Deadlift Technique Can Be AffectedHow to Perform Deadlifts with BarbellsWhat Is A Zercher Deadlift and How Do You Do It?Get Commercial Fitness Equipment Delivered to You with Archon Fitness Deadlifts are an incredible full-body workout that can build your strength and stamina IF you’re doing them correctly. The key to deadlifts…

barbells - deadlift - archon

Bumper Plates: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Table of ContentsWhat Is The Difference Between Traditional Plates And Bumper Plates? What Is The Difference Between Olympic Plates And Standard Bumper Plates? Bumper Plate Shopping OptionsWhat Type of Plates Should You Buy?Get the Best Olympic and Standard Barbells and Bumper Plates From Archon Fitness Any weight-training regimen that’s designed to help you build lots of strength…

resistance band upper body workout - archon fitness - resistance band exercise

The Hidden Power of Resistance Bands for Full Body Workouts

Table of ContentsWhat Makes Resistance Bands So Useful for Fitness?Lower-body Resistance Bands ExercisesUpper-body Resistance Bands ExercisesCore Resistance Bands ExercisesGet the Best Results and Experience with Archon Resistance Bands The Coronavirus global pandemic has been a tough year for all of us in various ways. Suddenly we were all quarantined into our homes, and barely able…

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