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Equipment Tutorial

Here you will have access to different types of information on how to use your equipment in the most effective way possible.


ARCHON Fitness Guide to Arm Workouts for Women

Women are always on the go. Whether it’s to work, school, taking care of kids, or all of the above, we never seem to have enough time in our day. Arm workouts can be done at home so you don’t need any excuses for skipping out! Dumbbells and power cages will help get your arms…


How Heavy Should My Slam Balls Be?

At Archon Fitness, our team of fitness professionals understands the importance of finding the workout equipment and gear that best suits your unique goals.  Finding the perfect slam ball weight depends solely on you. Like most workout equipment, choosing the best and most effective equipment depends on several personal factors. What’s your age, gender, strength…


EZ Bar vs Straight Bar: Which One is Better for Me?

Using a barbell for weight training is certainly not a new concept! In fact, barbells were introduced to gyms for fitness routines dating back to Europe in the mid-1800s.  When you think of weightlifting, the outdated image of the carnival strongman may come to mind. He’s mustached, wearing a short unitard, and easily hoists a…

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