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Specialty Olympic Bars

archon bumper plates

Guide to Barbells & Bumper Plates

When building a gym, the thought of so many different pieces of equipment can be intimidating. Our advice is to start with the most versatile pieces of equipment. Equipment that can be used to work a variety of muscles is where you are going to get the most value for your dollar.  Barbells and bumper…

olympic bar - ez curl bar - archon fitness

EZ Bar vs Straight Bar: Which One is Better for Me?

Using a barbell for weight training is certainly not a new concept! In fact, barbells were introduced to gyms for fitness routines dating back to Europe in the mid-1800s.  When you think of weightlifting, the outdated image of the carnival strongman may come to mind. He’s mustached, wearing a short unitard, and easily hoists a…

full body barbell workout - olympic bar workout - archon fitness

Full Body Olympic Bar Workouts For Anyone

When you’re taking on strength training into your fitness routine, it can be common to hear things like “don’t skip leg day.” The importance of focusing on specific areas of the body is to ensure that the areas of your bodywork until they feel fatigued. Working your muscles to fatigue results in microtears in the…

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