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Specialty Olympic Bars

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The Best Barbell Exercises For Building Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders

We all want strong, toned arms to look and feel stronger, more confident and vigorous. There is no shortage of fitness equipment to help build your upper body strength. From professional gym machines to truck tires, you can get a workout using nearly anything. Some of the most underutilized or underappreciated workouts are barbell exercises. …

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Barbells: Are You Doing Deadlifts Wrong?

Deadlifts are an incredible full-body workout that can build your strength and stamina IF you’re doing them correctly. The key to deadlifts is concentration. Some people may lose focus or not engage the correct parts of their body when performing deadlifts.  This can lead to poor exercise results and even personal injury. Whenever you’re taking…

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Bumper Plates: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Any weight-training regimen that’s designed to help you build lots of strength and lots of mass is going to call for some form of free weights. All weight plates, including Olympic plates, traditional, and bumper plates offer tons of advantages including flexibility and versatility in exercises, effectively producing the results you want, and they’re often…

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