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What to Look for in an Online Fitness Store

Our Archon Fitness team wants you to know we are so much more than an online fitness store. At Archon Fitness, we provide the highest-quality fitness equipment and want to establish a relationship with our customers and help them meet their individual goals for success. You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. When you’re looking to…

hex dumbbells - archon fitness - fitness equipment

What You Need to Know About Hex Dumbbells

Hex dumbbells are a fundamental component of a well-equipped home gym for anyone interested in healthy bodies and healthy minds.  Archon hex dumbbells are manufactured with a solid iron core covered by a solid rubber hex dumbbell shell. The hexagonal shape ensures your dumbbells will not roll, providing absolute stability throughout your exercise program. The…

slam ball - slam ball exercises - archon fitness

Yes, You Can Build Your Body With a Slam Ball

Building dense muscle is important for a strong, confident physique. It is equally important to train your muscles to be powerful. When you do explosive, plyometric movement, your muscles exert maximum force in short time intervals. This helps your body increase in speed, strength, and agility. When you’re wanting to improve these qualities in your…

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