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FIS Workout Bench vs FID Commercial Bench

If you’re looking at differences between the FIS Workout Bench and FID Commercial Bench, you’re no stranger to health and fitness. You’re in for the long haul. This is no spur of the moment – no flash in the pan. You’re obviously serious about your fitness goals. You’ve come to the right place. 

Archon Fitness is about more than just selling exercise equipment. We are interested in you. What are your goals? What are your successes? How can we help you achieve more? At Archon Fitness, we listen to what’s important and then help you find the tools that will get you where you want to be – long-term. 

FIS Workout Bench 

The Basics 

Weight benches are a staple. As the foundation of any gym, fitness studio, or home gym for a serious fitness enthusiast, weight benches are as varied as any other piece of equipment. Almost all weight benches are adjustable. This allows the user to adjust positioning for the best, most comfortable fit for the exercise.        

One of the best reasons to purchase a weight bench is the support they provide while you concentrate on the specific movement and area of your body you’re targeting. As we’ve said before, it’s the slow, focused movement that provides the best (and safest) workout experience. The weight bench helps you achieve that goal.  

The Full, Incline, Stationary (FIS) Bench is an adjustable workout bench that allows for a range of optimal positions for specific exercises that focus on many areas of your body.  

Our Product 

The Archon Fitness FIS Bench allows you options for a flat, incline, or upright (stationary) position when performing your exercises. Made from commercial-quality foam and upholstery, this bench can withstand even the most demanding workouts over time. 

This bench gives you 6 rear pad positions and 2 seat positions. Our rear pad provides flat 15 degrees up to 85 degrees. The seat position offers up to 20 degrees. 

We engineered our equipment with you in mind and provide a handle and rubber wheels for ease of movement. 

Our Archon Fitness FIS Bench is recommended for home studios, garages, or home gyms. 

Exercises to Try 

One of the most popular exercises to try when your bench is in the FLAT position is Flat Bench Press. As a great example of an exercise that works your chest muscles, this exercise should be a go-to lift. 

Flat Bench Presses

  1. Arch your back with your feet firmly planted on the floor. 
  2. When the barbell is racked, it should be directly above your eyeline. Unrack the bar and bring it down to your chest, so the bar comes diagonally forward slightly. 
  3. Push back up to your starting position. 
  4. Your elbows should be slightly tucked in around a 45-degree angle to your body. 

Concentration Curls 

  1. Sit on the side of your weight bench in the flat position. 
  2. Place your feet reasonably wide so your thighs are at a 45-degree angle to your body. 
  3. Lower your right arm and press it into the inside of your right leg so that it’s locked in place. 
  4. Curl your arm up and lower it back down. 
  5. Repeat on the other side. 

Reverse Fly 

Position your bench at a 45-degree angle, with the seat at a 90-degree angle to the backrest. Be sure when accomplishing this exercise that you keep your spine straight – that means your neck should be in line with your back. Don’t let your head droop or flop. Keep your shoulders tight and pushed back so that your arms don’t drop down, either. 

  1. Lie chest-down on the bench and get a firm grip on the floor with your toes. 
  2. With a dumbbell in each hand, start with your arms down and underneath your shoulders. 
  3. Raise them up and out and as you reach the top, squeeze your shoulder blades together to get a full rep before you lower your arms back down. 



FID Commercial Bench 

The FID Commercial Weight Bench has lots in common with the FIS Bench; however, they are two completely different animals. You’ll want this bench for weight-lifting exercises like presses, but you can use it in other ways, too. 

The Basics 

The Flat, Incline, Decline (FID) Commercial Weight Bench isn’t often found in a commercial gym. It’s adjustable and allows a variety of exercises in a smaller space. Given your space requirements, this may be the bench that works well for you. 

Versatility is the name of the game with either the FIS or FID weight bench. From both, you’ll be able to achieve a range of exercises—certainly more than if you had a flat bench alone. 

Our Product 

The Archon Fitness FID Commercial Bench was engineered with the home user, commercial user, and personal trainer in mind. Quickly adjust seat and back angles, and you have a locking shin and footpad. The shin and footpads were designed to be a separate adjustment, allowing the ultimate in customization for your comfort. 

Made out of durable upholstery and top-quality foam, this bench can handle tough workouts over time. 

The back pad has 9 adjustable positions from full decline, -15 degrees, to flat, up to 85 degrees. The seat has 3 adjustable positions, and the adjustable shin and footpad have four adjustable positions. This commercial bench can hold up to 1000 pounds. 

Exercises to Try 

Decline Bench Press 

This is a variation of the flat bench press that strengthens your lower chest muscles. Set your bench to 15 to 30 degrees on a decline. This places your upper body on a downward slope but activates your pectoral muscles as you push weights away from your body. You can also execute this exercise with a barbell or dumbbells. This exercise is best done with a spotter. 

  1. Secure your feet at the end of the bench. Lie down with your eyes under the barbell. 
  2. Grip the bar with your palms facing forward, arms slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. 
  3. Straighten your arms to lift the barbell from the rack. Move it over your shoulders, locking your elbows. 
  4. Inhale and slowly lower the barbell until it touches your mid-chest, keeping your elbows 45 degrees from your body. Pause. 
  5. Exhale and lift the barbell to starting position, locking your elbows. Pause. 
  6. Complete 12 repetitions. Return the barbell to the rack. 
  7. Repeat 3 to 5 sets total. 


Decline Sit-ups 

Adjust the angle of the bench to increase or decrease the difficulty of the sit-up. As the angle of the decline bench increases, so does the difficulty of the exercise. It’s important to tuck your chin into your chest to protect your neck. 

  1. Sit on the bench with bent knees and your feet under the padded bar. (Your head will be lower than your legs.) 
  2. Cross your arms over your chest, or interlace your fingers around the base of your skull. 
  3. Lift your torso up to bring your chest to your thighs.
  4. Pause for a few seconds, then return to starting position. 
  5. Do 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 18 reps. 

For a challenge, hold a weight to increase resistance and engage more muscles.  



The Archon Difference 

Archon is way more than an online retailer for workout equipment. We are a fitness company staffed by a team of passionate professionals dedicated to healthier bodies and healthy minds. 

We provide a wide selection of only the highest-quality equipment and offer free shipping on almost all items. When you purchase a piece of workout equipment from us, our relationship is just beginning. Ideally, we start a dialogue. 

We want you to know how to effectively and safely use the equipment so you see the results you’re expecting. Communicate with one of our trainers about the equipment you’ve purchased, and let us design a workout for you that will help you meet your fitness goals. 

We are here for you. We want you to succeed. Whether you’re just beginning your journey toward fitness or you are well on your way to healthier living, you are important to us. Check out our website and start your relationship with Archon – TODAY.

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