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Essential Home Fitness Equipment for The Best Results

Home gyms have seen a huge rise in the past year most likely due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Community gyms closed, as most nonessential businesses were forced to do. Even as businesses reopened, many people wanted to ensure their safety and health. Home fitness equipment has come a long way in recent years. The technology, design, and variety of exercise equipment available for home gyms can suit any fitness level and regime.

If you’re building your home fitness center and want all of the tools and performance of the gym, then you need these home fitness equipment essentials.

What’s the Difference Between Home Fitness Equipment and Gym Equipment?

You might not have thought that there was a huge difference between home gym equipment and commercial gym equipment. Shouldn’t a 10-pound dumbbell look, feel, and function like any other 10-pound dumbbell? Most equipment that you buy from your local sporting goods store is made for personal use. While this equipment is capable of helping you achieve your fitness goals, there a quite a few noticeable differences in comparison to the equipment you’ll find at your local gym. 

For one thing, commercial gym equipment is designed to be very durable because it will likely get more use than standard, personal equipment. Thousands of people use the same gym equipment every week. This equipment needs to be designed for heavy usage to allow gyms to function at full capacity and provide their members with a high-quality experience every time. Machines, free weights, and other tools need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use without compromising function or looks.

The equipment you find at the gym versus the store also tends to be more comfortable to workout with. This is highly strategic on the commercial gym’s part. You’re much more likely to enjoy your workout and continue your exercise routine if you’re comfortable with the equipment you’re using. Commercial fitness equipment manufacturers have dedicated significant energy to understanding what designs are most comfortable with various exercise equipment. It might not be comfortable for every person, but the majority of individuals may prefer commercial gym equipment to the brands at the store. 

These are also a couple of aspects of commercial gym equipment that makes them superior in terms of design. In comparison to residential gym equipment, commercial gym tools have greater attention to detail and performance before manufacturing even begins. Since commercial-style gym equipment is designed to be more durable and accessible to a wide variety of fitness levels, it’s important to ensure quality. 

For example, commercial grade weight machines are designed to withstand up to 400 pounds while home gym machines often cannot withstand above 200 pounds. To support this weight and regular use, the framework had to be thicker, most parts are heavier, and the cost is more expensive. 

Commercial equipment also comes in a wider variety than most equipment found at a sporting goods store. You’re more likely to find a larger selection of machines and accessories as well as a range of designs and quality. Some commercial manufacturers even offer customizable equipment to suit their customers’ needs.

Though commercial-rated equipment is more durable and comfortable compared to most residential fitness brands, you can find high-quality, durable, and professional equipment to install at home that is cost-effective, and space-conscious. 

Archon fitness equipment is designed with comprehensive style and attention to detail. All Archon fitness tools are excellent for commercial gyms as well as residential. 

Yes, You Can Install Cable Machines into Your Home Fitness Center

You’ve likely only seen cable machines in your local commercial gym or community fitness center. Most of the time this equipment is considered commercial and can be costly to purchase for home fitness use. However, Archon has developed and delivered high-quality, professional-grade cable machines to hundreds of homes. 

Cable machines are often used for upper body exercises but they can be used for a variety of full-body exercises. They provide a unique range of motion and assistance that cannot be achieved with free weights. From shoulders and chest to biceps and triceps, cable machines are great for building a strong body at home. Archon’s cable machines are perfect for installing in your home. They’re not only cost-effective, but they’re also easy-to-install, perform as commercial-grade machines should, and take up a minimal amount of space. 

Home Gym Essentials Benches, Barbells, and Bumper Plates 

If you’re building an at-home gym, then you need the bare essentials. Benches, barbells, and bumper plates are a staple for any gym – commercial or homemade. 

Whether you have just started your weight training journey or you’ve practiced your weight-training regimen for years, free weights can be used to boost stamina or challenge yourself. If your goals are to build strength and mass getting a barbell, a set of bumper plates, and a bench is going to be crucial for your home gym. 

Archon offers a variety of choices for barbells and free-weight equipment. Olympic barbells in standard and women’s sizes, and an abundance of choices for bumper plates. If you’re unsure what will work best for you, Archon’s support team can help guide you through your choices.

Your Home Fitness Equipment Must Include Dumbells and Resistance Bands 

Dumbells and resistance bands are simple, easy-to-use, and relatively light-weight compared to the previously mentioned workout equipment. They’re great for helping you build toned muscles and taking your current workout routine to the next level. 

Not all dumbbells are created equal. Some may have uncomfortable grips. Others can have manufacturing defects that make them lopsided or heavier on one end than another. It can also be difficult to find heavier dumbbells at a sporting goods store. Archon dumbbells are designed to be durable and comfortable to support regular, rigorous use. We have pair elections ranging from 5 pounds to 50 pounds. 

Resistance bands are one of the most functional and effective pieces of equipment. You can purchase them with handles for easier grip, or in the form of a flat rubber band. They come in varying resistance levels so you can increase your stamina and strength as you go. Archon resistance bands are made from high-quality materials to withstand regular stretching and movement without folding, cutting, or moving on your skin. 

At Archon Fitness, we understand the flexibility and functionality that resistance bands and dumbbells provide. When paired with the right movements, resistance bands and dumbbells can improve strength training, mobility, and even rehabilitation. Whether you’re performing singular or compound movements dumbbells and resistance bands can be great for isolation exercises and full-body workouts. 

Slam Balls Are A Multi-Use Piece of Home Fitness Equipment 

Slam balls are great for building strength as well as being an aerobic exercise. The function of a slam ball is to build explosive strength that increases power, core strength, and functional fitness. Archon slam balls are made from a professional-grade, heavy-duty rubber. They’re perfect for slamming down to the floor or tossing to a fitness partner. Slam balls are a versatile tool that can be used in many exercises. They’re also a great release for your hands if you’re getting tired of gripping bars. 

Slam ball exercises encourage you to utilize your core, leading to a more full-body workout. This is why slam balls are an essential piece of home fitness equipment. They take up little to no space, and can be transported easily from your home to the park, to the gym, and back. Archon offers individual slam balls from 15 pounds to 50 pounds. We also offer sets of slam balls so you can increase your weight and challenge your body even further. 

We also have medicine balls and wall balls to add to your home fitness arsenal that will help get you even greater physical results. 

Find All Your Home Fitness Equipment Needs When You Shop at Archon Fitness

Professional exercise equipment can often be costly as their designed to be sturdy and substantial to meet the needs of many athletes and fitness trainers. But just because you’re taking on fitness from home doesn’t mean you have to compromise your equipment quality. With Archon fitness equipment, you can bring the commercial fitness studio into your home. Our fitness equipment is high-quality, comfortable, and hard-wearing to help you perform better and achieve your fitness goals faster. 

When you need professional, proven fitness equipment at a reasonable cost, you need Archon Fitness. All of our items, from Olympic bars to wall-mounted cable machines, are manufactured with premium materials and designed with athletes in mind. Commercial gyms and home gyms alike can trust the quality of Archon fitness equipment. 

Learn more about the equipment we offer by visiting the Archon Fitness website. You can contact a member of our support staff or place your online order for your essential commercial or home fitness equipment today. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on special product pre-orders, fitness blogs, new YouTube videos, and much more. At Archon, we designed it better, so you can perform better. 

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