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Archon Home Gym Fitness Equipment: Everything You Need

Setting up a home or commercial gym seems simple, but when you start searching for suitable brands to buy, they can be extremely expensive or made with cheap, under-performing material. When you want to tone your body, strengthen your muscles, or lose weight in the comfort of your home gym or for your clients in your commercial gym / personal training studio – then get Archon Fitness equipment. ARCHON Gym equipment is professional-grade and designed to take you further whatever your fitness goals shall be! We have all of the equipment and accessories you need to build your goals. 

Home Gym Cable Machines, Cages and Stations

ARCHON Smith Machine | Half Rack with Cable Crossover | Lat Pull / Low Row Attachment

The ARCHON Fitness Smith Machine Half Rack is the all-in-one free weight workout station you have been searching for! Our smith machine home gym is constructed with 11-gauge steel and reinforced by ARCHON Fitness Engineering using commercial ball bearing in our bar carriage system eliminating the excessive wiggle that cheaper brands experience with low-grade plastic bushings. Now you can do that BIG BENCH or SQUAT safely and at home! 

This unit is also a Half Rack / Power Rack! Included for use on the exterior of the unit are 15” Spotter Safety Arms capable of 1,000 Lbs. 

Both the ARCHON Cable Crossover Station and Lat Bar High Row and Low Row attachments connect to the rack to take this unit even further. You can purchase this unit with or without the attachments included. 

ARCHON Wall Mount Cable Crossover

If you want a cable crossover, but don’t want a smith machine, then get the ARCHON Wall Mount Cable Cross Over is the ultimate cable station attachment for those looking to bring the commercial gym home. With a carriage system constructed with steel ball bearings that travel up solid steel rods, unlike competitors with plastic bushings and hollow rods that deteriorate and stick over time, our unit is built to last and built for work. Each unit can easily carry 250 LBS smoothly per carriage, you can use Standard 1” plates or 2”

Olympic or Bumper Plates. 

ARCHON Lat Pull/Low Row Cable Attachment

This attachment includes a Lat Bar for performing lat pulls. The low pulley includes a low row straight bar attachment and a diamond plate for your feet when conducting seated movements As with other ARCHON Fitness cable carriage systems, this unit is constructed with Steel Ball Bearings that travel up solid steel rods, unlike competitors with plastic bushings and hollow rods that deteriorate and stick over time,s built to last. This attachment is capable of carrying 250 LBS smoothly per carriage.

Independent Squat Stands

The ARCHON Independent Squat Stands / Bench Stands are the industry’s best value for those looking to save space in their garage gym or personal training studio. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, these stands are capable of 750 Lbs. The plate storage posts on each stand are great space savers and provide extra stability during workouts. The stands have 25 adjustable catcher height positions ranging from 12” to 60”. Regardless if you are using these stands for squats or bench press movements, you are assured to have plenty of range. When finished, these stands will store conveniently allowing you to maximize your training area.

ARCHON Single Pulley Cable Station Dual Pulley Set

For those looking to save space while enjoying the benefits a cable station offers for strength training, we present the ARCHON Single Pulley Cable Station Dual Pulley Set. This cable pulley station is not only a space saver but also mobile and versatile. With a newly designed durable pulley capable of a 400lb load you can maximize your cable workout while taking it with you to the gym, outdoors, or in the comfort of your home. The gourd buckle will allow you to use a variety of your favorite cable attachment. 

Bars and Bumper Plates for Your Home Gym

ARCHON Ball Bearing Olympic Bar with Bushings and Lock Pins

The ARCHON Olympic Ball Bearing Bar is engineered for home, competition, and commercial use. Engineered with four ball bearings, two brass bushings, and four lock pins these bars have the durability to withstand even the most intense workouts. These bars have both Olympic and Powerlifting knurl marks. We use the latest in manufacturing technology to bring to you knurling that looks and feels great! We also offer this in the Women’s Olympic bar size, a smaller diameter bar for an easier, more comfortable grip.

ARCHON Black CERAKOTE EZ-Curl Olympic Bar

The ARCHON EZ Curl Barbell has undulating handles that allow you to activate your biceps and triceps and get those toned and strong arms you have been wanting. The EZ bar is a great transition bar if you have had a wrist injury as the undulating handle reduces pressure on the wrist. The top of the line Cerakote coating increases resistance to rust, abrasion, and provides hardness for extra protection. Whether you are a bodybuilder, weightlifting, working on weight loss, rehabilitating from wrist injuries, or just looking to tone those arms, you will enjoy the feel of our barbell.

Home Gym Essentials: Dumbbells, Bands, and Balls

ARCHON Fitness HEX Dumbbells

When you need a dumbbell set for your home gym, look no further than the ARCHON Rubber Hex Dumbbells. ARCHON free weights are for those looking to sculpt your chest, biceps, triceps, back, glutes, legs, and other body parts. Sold as pairs, these hand weights have a solid commercial rubber hex design coating a solid iron core to protect from roll always for a safe home gym, garage gym, or commercial gym environment. ARCHON HEX individual dumbbell options include:

  • 5 Pounds
  • 10 Pounds
  • 15 Pounds
  • 20 Pounds
  • 25 Pounds
  • 30 Pounds
  • 35 Pounds
  • 40 Pounds
  • 45 Pounds
  • 50 Pounds

If you’re a commercial gym owner, you can order the whole set by submitting a contact form.

ARCHON Resistance Band Set

ARCHON Fitness Training Bands are perfect for stretching muscles before fitness training, building muscle strength, working on your agility, or rehabbing from an injury. With multiple resistance levels available, you can build up to more difficult levels at your own pace and comfort. Designed for durability, our bands come in four sizes, all color-coded for easy identification of what resistance level you want. You can order them individually, in a set, or a double-set.

ARCHON Slam Balls

ARCHON Slam Balls feature a textured surface for your most optimal grip when performing High-Intensity Interval Training, also known as H.I.T.T. Challenge your cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, build toned abdominals, and strengthen your overall fitness abilities as you firmly grip, toss, and slam the ARCHON Slam Ball Set. Ideal for home gyms, personal training studios, functional fitness, and of course Cross-Functional Box Gyms, this slam ball will absorb all the abuse you can throw at it. Each poundage is color-coded for easy identification and available in 15LB, 20 LB, 30LB, 40LB, and 50LB’s.

ARCHON Medicine Balls

Strengthen your cardiovascular, plyometric, and endurance with the ARCHON Medicine Ball Family. Tone abdominals improve your balance and challenge your overall fitness abilities. Color-coded for easy identification, ARCHON medicine balls are ideal in both residential and commercial environments. The textured surface allows for a secure grip when performing crunches, Russian twists, and other exercises that demand a secure grip. Medicine Balls are not intended for slamming. Our med balls are available in 8LB 12LB 18LBs.

ARCHON Wall Balls

The ARCHON Competition Wall Ball Set will challenge your cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, build toned abdominals, and strengthen your overall fitness abilities. Used in box gyms for cross-functional training and competition, this wall ball will hold up to your most intense workouts, or those of your clients. Weighted wall balls are most used for throwing, catching, and launching. A durable shell provides a comfortable controlled grip.

With filling that provides support for the wall ball shell assisting in balance and durability will allow athletes to safely launch, throw, and catch the ball at varying velocities and heights. Wall balls are available in 10LB, 14LB, and  20LBs.

Archon Home Gym Equipment, Accessories, and More

At Archon, we know that there are many ways to target a single muscle, and the best workouts include variety. We have tons of accessories and other equipment to add to your home or commercial fitness arsenal.

At Archon Fitness, our goal has always been to help America improve their bodies simply and professionally. We believe that every person has the right and the strength to improve their health, their habits, and their fitness. The best way to do this is to make professional equipment accessible, easy-to-install, space-saving, and cost-effective. Every piece of ARCHON fitness equipment is professional-grade, made with high-quality materials, and designed to last a lifetime (or even two).

Whether you’re building a gym in your garage, a spare room, a warehouse, or a commercial residence – ARCHON Fitness has all of the home gym equipment you need to work out like a real pro. Visit our website to check out all of our equipment and accessory options.

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