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12LB Commercial Medicine Ball

12LB Commercial Medicine Ball

$ 10.34

We do not offer shipping on this product to save you money! The ARCHON 12LB Medicine Ball will challenge your cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, build toned abdominals, and strengthen your overall fitness abilities.

  • We do not offer free shipping to save you on shipping. Companies that offer free shipping on large items profit off you. ARCHON does not!
  • Weight: 12LB Medicine Ball
  • PERFORMANCE: Textured shell for a secure performance grip
  • PURPOSE: For throwing and catching. Slamming exercises are not purposed for Medicine Balls.
  • USE: Plyometrics exercises, crunches, strength training, cardiovascular training, abdominal core exercise, and much more.
  • CHOICES: 8LB, 12 LB, 18LB

131 in stock (can be backordered)

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12LB Competition Medicine Ball

Strengthen your cardiovascular, plyometric, and endurance with the ARCHON Medicine Ball Family. Tone abdominals improve your balance and challenge your over-all fitness abilities. Color coded for easy identification, ARCHON medicine balls are ideal in both residential and commercial environments. The textured surface allows for a secure grip when performing crunches, Russian twists, and other exercises that demand a secure grip. Medicine Balls are not intended for slamming.

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Archon Warranty

Warranty (1 Year)
1 Year warranty on manufacturing defects and engineering.
Warranty is voided if medicine ball shows a rough or aggregate surface as a result of slamming or use on roadways, gravel, or sidewalks. Intended for use on soft surfaces or athletic flooring.

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