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14LB Competition Wall Ball

14LB Competition Wall Ball

$ 33.59

  • Weight: 14LB Wall Ball
  • PERFORMANCE: Interior commercial stuffing for controlled throw and catch
  • PROTECTION: Durable synthetic-leather shell provides a comfortable controlled grip.
  • USE: H.I.T.T. High Intensity Interval Training
  • CHOICES: 10LB, 14 LB, 20LB

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14LB Competition Wall Ball

The ARCHON 14LB Wall Ball will challenge your cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, build toned abdominals, and strengthen your overall fitness abilities. Used in box gyms for cross functional training and competition, this wall ball will hold up to your most intense workouts, or those of your clients. Weighted wall balls are most used for throwing, catching, and launching. A durable shell provides a comfortable controlled grip. Available in 10, 14, and 20 LBS.

With filling that provides support for the wall ball shell assisting in balance and durability will allow athletes to safely launch, throw, and catch the ball at varying velocities and heights. Exercises that benefit from use of a wall ball is H.I.T.T. Training, wall ball throws, trunk twists, squats, sit-ups, presses, and much more. Not recommended for slamming. ARCHON slam balls serve that purpose.

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Archon Warranty

Warranty (1 Year)
1 Year warranty on manufacturing defects and engineering.
Warranty is voided if wall ball shows a rough or aggregate surface as a result of slamming or use on roadways, gravel, or sidewalks. Intended for use on soft surfaces or athletic flooring.

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