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18LB Commercial Medicine Ball

18LB Commercial Medicine Ball

$ 34.69

  • Weight: 18LB Medicine Ball
  • PERFORMANCE: Textured shell for a secure performance grip
  • PURPOSE: For throwing and catching. Slamming exercises are not purposed for Medicine Balls.
  • USE: Plyometrics exercises, crunches, strength training, cardiovascular training, abdominal core exercise, and much more.
  • CHOICES: 8LB, 12 LB, 18LB

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ARCHON Fitness 18LB Comercial-Grade Medicine Ball

Strengthen your cardiovascular, plyometric, and endurance with the ARCHON Medicine Ball Family. Tone abdominals improve your balance and challenge your overall fitness abilities. Color-coded for easy identification, ARCHON medicine balls are ideal in both residential and commercial environments. The textured surface allows for a secure grip when performing crunches, Russian twists, and other exercises that demand a secure grip. Medicine Balls are not intended for slamming.

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Archon Warranty

Warranty (1 Year)
1 Year warranty on manufacturing defects and engineering.
Warranty is voided if medicine ball shows a rough or aggregate surface as a result of slamming or use on roadways, gravel, or sidewalks. Intended for use on soft surfaces or athletic flooring.

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