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Half Rack Smith w/ Cable Crossover

Half Rack Smith w/ Cable Crossover

$ 1,400.99

Pre-Orders. Anticipated Ship Date Late July. Read the Terms & Conditions carefully for Pre-Orders. The ARCHON Fitness Smith Machine Half Rack with the Cable Crossover attachment creates the ultimate all-in-one free weight workout station you have been searching for!

  • We do not offer free shipping to save you on shipping. Companies that offer free shipping on large items profit off you. ARCHON does not!
  • THE CAGE: Curved Back Cross Member Design Allows a Benches to Slide Inside to Perform Specific Exercises
  • ENGINEERING: 4 Premium Commercial Ball Bearings Engineered within Carriage on Commercial Grade Solid Steel Tubing
  • STEEL: Commercial Grade Steel 11 Gauge
  • FRAME: Premium black powder coating. Numbering system on uprights.
  • SAFETY: Adjustable Safety Spotters for Smith Machine | 15” Spotter Safety Arms 1,000 LBS Max | J Cups 750 LBS Max | 11” Loadable Sleeves | Barbell 28mm Diameter
  • INCLUDED ATTACHMENTS: Multi-grip Pull-up Station| Cable Crossover Attachment
  • OPTIONAL ATTACHMENTS: Cable Lat Pull / Low Row Attachment

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ARCHON Smith Machine | Half Rack with Cable Crossover Attachment

Pre-Orders. Anticipated Ship Date Late July. Read the Terms & Conditions carefully for Pre-Orders. The ARCHON Fitness Smith Machine Half Rack is the all-in-one free weight workout station you have been searching for! Our smith machine home gym is constructed with 11-gauge steel and reinforced by ARCHON Fitness Engineering using commercial ball bearing in our bar carriage system eliminating the excessive wiggle that cheaper brands experience with low grade plastic bushings. Perform Push and Press exercises with the smith barbell (28 mm Diameter) without stickiness and excessive rubbing experienced in workout equipment of lesser engineering and design. The carriage travels up solid steel chrome bars, as opposed to hollow, with minimal friction allowing you to push more weight reaching your fitness goals. Go after that BIG BENCH or SQUAT safely! New to working out? Exercises safely as a beginner and as you gain confidence move to free weigh training on the outside of the Smith Machine…THAT’S RIGHT! This unit is also a Half Rack / Power Rack! Included for use on the exterior of the unit are 15” Spotter Safety Arms capable of 1,000 Lbs. In addition, also included, are J Cups capable of 750 Lbs. AGAIN…. THATS NOT ALL! The Smith Machine is pre-drilled for ARCHON Cable Station Attachments. Both the ARCHON Cable Crossover Station and Lat Bar High Row and Low Row attachments connect to the rack to take this unit even further in the ultimate in workout machines for home. This unit is also available as a set with these attachments included. Tone your body, strengthen your muscles, or weight loss in the comfort of your home gym or for your clients in your commercial gym / personal training studio. ARCHON Gym equipment is designed to take you further whatever your fitness goals shall be! Use as a squat rack and bench press, leg press, Olympic lifting, Olympic Plate Storage, Power lifting, Free Weight Training, and much more!

ARCHON Cable Crossover Attachment

This attachment includes a Cable Crossover Attachment; however, you may use any of your favorite cable attachments. The cable station includes a pair of commercial handles, but again you can use the attachment of your choice.

As with other ARCHON Fitness cable carriage systems, this unit is constructed with Steel Ball Bearings that travel up solid steel rods, unlike competitors with plastic bushings and hollow rods that deteriorate and stick over time, our unit is built to last.

Capable of carrying a whopping 250 LBS smoothly per carriage, you can use Standard 1” plates or 2” Olympic or Bumper Plates.

Click Here for Cable Crossover Attachment Details

What Makes ARCHON Equipment Unique

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Black Powder Coating


63.65 in


83.62 in

Outside Width

75.31 in

Inside Width

42.75 in

Steel Gauge

11 Gauge

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Archon Warranty

Welcome to the website of ARCHON Fitness LLC (ARCHON). Provided are the notices, terms, and conditions set forth in this agreement between you (The Buyer) and ARCHON Fitness LLC (Seller). You, (The Buyer), are subject to the rules, guidelines, terms, and conditions of this agreement having been informed and accepted these terms.

Use only genuine archon replacement parts. Failure to do so will void warranty and could result in personal injury or even death. There is a risk assumed by individuals who use this type of equipment. To minimize the risk, always follow these simple rules. and understand all enclosed instructions before using this equipment. 2.inspect equipment before each use. Replace all parts at the first signs of wear or damage. If in doubt about a specific part, do not use the equipment. Contact archon to speak with a product engineer. Failure to do so may result in injury. 3.follow routine maintenance. Refer to product manual or contact archon to speak with a product engineer. 4.consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Warm up properly before engaging in weight resistance training. 5.keep clear of all moving parts to prevent the risk of serious injury. 6.keep children from using equipment without direct adult supervision. Children should be kept at a safe distance when equipment is in use to prevent the injury. 7. To prevent possible tipping. It is recommended that your secure equipment to the floor to prevent possible tipping. Failure to do so you use equipment at your own risk.

Maintenance is not considered a warranty issue. Warranty is not transferable and original purchase receipt must be provided. Warranty claims are reviewed case by case by the ARCHON engineering department. The determination by the engineer is final.

Power Cage

Frame: LIFETIME (Construction or Material Defect)

1 Years: Rubber foot caps, plastic caps, Bar protection strips, Rubber washers.

2 Years: Bolts, Nuts, Washers.

5 Years: Structural damage under proper use.

Cable Stations

1 Years: Cable covers.

2 Years: Pulley Bearings – Must be taken care of under proper maintenance.
2 Years: Hardware – Bolts, Nuts, Washers.
5 Years: Structural Damage Under Proper Use.

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