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Trap Bar | Lunge Bar

Trap Bar | Lunge Bar

$ 159.99

  • PERFORMANCE: Front / Rear angles allow for lunge workouts
  • SAFETY: Elevated plate storage
  • PROTECTION: Premium Black Powder Finish | Rubber base floor protection
  • STRENGTH: Heavy duty steel gauge for strength and durability. 500 LB MAX!
  • CHOICES: 3 Grip Options with a turn. Small |Medium |Large
  • MORE CHOICES: Choose between using 2” Olympic Plates |1” Standard Plates

The ARCHON Multi Grip Hex Trap Bar / Lunge Bar takes the traditional trap bar to a new level by incorporating Lunges in addition to Trap | Deadlifts.

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ARCHON Multi-Grip Trap and Lunge Barbell

The ARCHON Multi Grip Hex Trap Bar / Lunge Bar takes the traditional trap bar to a new level. Beyond the traditional use of a hex trap bar, which includes shrugs, dead lifts, and farmer walks, this new design allows you to safely perform lunge workouts. In addition, other benefits remain the same. While traditional trap bars require the lifter to hoist up the bar for loading and removing plates adding risk of injury. Further, not every person’s hands are the same. What if you desire a small grip, medium grip, or large grip? The ARCHONTM Trap Bar is the solution to both problems.

With an elevated storage system, you can easily slide bumper plates and Olympic plates on and off. The multi-grip handles not only allow for different size hands, but also for those wishing to challenge their forearms and grip strength. With rubber protectors under the bar your flooring will be safe.

Trap Bars produce less stress on the spine because you are entering an area with hands to your side rather than being bent over the bar. It is a great training tool for teaching proper dead-lift positioning and power movements.

But that is not all! Use the ARCHON Trap Bar for not only shrugs and dead-lifts, but also bent over rows and farmers walk. Your imagination is your only limit.

What Makes ARCHON Equipment Unique

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Black Powder Coat


60 LB


64.45 in


35.51 in


18.9 in

Sleeve Length

10.5 in


Large, Medium, Small



  1. admin

    Hi Robert, we are sorry to hear about the missing bolts. We sent out an email to you for the part #’s and will get those right out to you. Excited that you like the bar. Hope to see some photos of you using it.

  2. Robert Schmid (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the quality of this bar. Assembly was easy. Mine arrived missing three of the largest bolts, which I purchased at a local hardware store, so I could use the bar. Hopefully I will hear back from Archon and receive the correct ones. Other than that it seems to be very high quality at a reasonable price. Very easy to load compared to my old standard trap bar. The paint is also done very nicely. It even came with collars.

  3. Dom Pham (verified owner)

    The has been the favourite for our weekly strongman days and no one can believe the price for how substantial the product is. The rotating grips have been great for grip training with the fat grips, but allow for overloading with the smaller grips.

    The sleeves are a bit short so if you use the really large cheap crumb rubber plates you won’t be able to fit much. But it’s plenty of room if you have steel. Iron, or competition style bumper plates.

    The included spring clips are a great touch as well. If you happen to have 1” hole weight plates this is designed to work with those as well by not attaching the outer sleeve -an interesting touch.

    The knurling on the grips are intense and dig into your hands, which is my preference so I love that.

    I’d you’re looking for a well priced, well made trap or hex bar, consider this.

  4. jriley0433 (verified owner)

    This is a great multi grip trap bar! great quality and great price. I promise you will not be disappointed if you order anything from archon!

  • Q

    Can the sleeve come off to load standard 1” standard plates?

    November 17, 2020

    Hello. That is correct. It can take both 1″ Standard with the sleeve removed and with the sleeve on 2″ Olympic.

  • Q

    Do 45LB plates fit without touching the floor?

    November 17, 2020

    If they are traditional 45LB bumper plates, “Yes,” however we cannot guarantee that every 45LB plate in the market will fit, as there are many manufacturers in the market whereas some may very slightly outside of what is traditional; however, we have never been informed of any issue.

  • Q

    What is the weight capacity for this bar?

    November 17, 2020


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Use only genuine archon replacement parts. Failure to do so will void warranty and could result in personal injury or even death. There is a risk assumed by individuals who use this type of equipment. To minimize the risk, always follow these simple rules. and understand all enclosed instructions before using this equipment. 2.inspect equipment before each use. Replace all parts at the first signs of wear or damage. If in doubt about a specific part, do not use the equipment. Contact archon to speak with a product engineer. Failure to do so may result in injury. 3.follow routine maintenance. Refer to product manual or contact archon to speak with a product engineer. 4.consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Warm up properly before engaging in weight resistance training. 5.keep clear of all moving parts to prevent the risk of serious injury. 6.keep children from using equipment without direct adult supervision. Children should be kept at a safe distance when equipment is in use to prevent the injury. 7. To prevent possible tipping. It is recommended that your secure equipment to the floor to prevent possible tipping. Failure to do so you use equipment at your own risk.

Maintenance is not considered a warranty issue. Warranty is not transferable and original purchase receipt must be provided. Warranty claims are reviewed case by case by the ARCHON engineering department. The determination by the engineer is final.

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