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Stop Training for Fat Loss

Stop Training for Fat Loss

June 2, 2009 by Nia Shanks

I kept trying to find the perfect way to start this article, but I wanted to say so many things at once, so I’ll just list my thoughts here before I explain myself:

  1. – Most women spend their entire training career working out to lose fat
  2. – Many of these same women are not overweight and are by traditional standards — skinny
  3. – Our society has ingrained the ideal physique of a woman into our heads, so we think we have to look like anorexic models. When in the hell did that look become sexy?
  4. – Why in the hell would women want to look like a skeleton, and be proud of it?
  5. – Constantly training for fat loss can lead to a negative self-image and decreased self-esteem
  6. – Sometimes, you just need to stop training for fat loss
  7. – Other methods of training can keep you much more motivated, so you are more likely to be consistent

Okay. Now I will explain myself.

You Can Click here to read the rest of Nia Shanks Article. Its very good!


I want to introduce you to Nia Shanks, below is her biography and as you can see she is very focused on women “Unleashing Awesomeness!” An awesome line from her about Nia Shanks page.
At ARCHON Fitness we want to be more than just about selling you equipment. We want you to learn how to use it, but also learn how to improve your over health. Only you can Rule your Body Rule your Mind (Our tag line).

Nia writes out of education, experience, and passion for health and wellness, especially toward women’s health. However, her principals apply to both men and women. So, take the time to read about her, follow her on her social media. We will begin posting her articles in the upcoming weeks.

Below is a very good article she wrote in 2009. Something I am still preaching today to women who are in fear of the dumbbell rack and the free weight area.

About Nia

Nia Shanks is a coach, writer, and author of Lift Like a Girl with a BS in Exercise Physiology from the University of Louisville. She specializes in helping women “unleash their awesome” with an empowering approach to health and fitness. Nia’s philosophy revolves around strength training programs with a focus on getting stronger and flexible, obsession-free, nutrition principles. Through her popular blog and online coaching courses, Nia has helped thousands of women look beyond “quick weight loss” and discover the amazing body they never knew they had.

Her main goal is to help YOU achieve your health, fitness, and physique goals the sane and simple way so you can maintain those results long-term, while becoming the best, most awesome version of yourself.

No gimmicks; no fads; no nonsense.


Nia acquired her Bachelor of Science in exercise physiology from the University of Louisville.

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