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What to Look for When Buying Commercial Gym Equipment

If you’re looking to purchase commercial gym equipment, that likely means congratulations are in order. Our team of health and fitness professionals understands what an undertaking opening a gym can be, and we want you to know we are here for you – every step of the way!  At Archon Fitness, we don’t just sell…


How Heavy Should My Slam Balls Be?

At Archon Fitness, our team of fitness professionals understands the importance of finding the workout equipment and gear that best suits your unique goals.  Finding the perfect slam ball weight depends solely on you. Like most workout equipment, choosing the best and most effective equipment depends on several personal factors. What’s your age, gender, strength…


What to Look for in an Online Fitness Store

Our Archon Fitness team wants you to know we are so much more than an online fitness store. At Archon Fitness, we provide the highest-quality fitness equipment and want to establish a relationship with our customers and help them meet their individual goals for success. You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. When you’re looking to…

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