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medicine balls

Archon Fitness - gym in your home - slam balls

What’s the Difference Between Medicine Balls, Wall Balls, and Slam Balls

Many gym members have decided that they want to pursue a safe and healthy route around the Coronavirus pandemic and begin creating their home gym. Many times these people become customers of Archon Fitness Equipment. One of the most common questions we get when people are perusing our online store is, “What’s the difference between…

archon fitness - slam balls - core exercises

6 Core Slam Ball Exercises You Should Be Doing

Abdominal workouts are not everyone’s favorite. While the results can make you look and feel great, the journey is long and filled with a variety of exercises and equipment. But when training your core, it is important to remember that it’s more than just the abs. It also includes deep trunk muscles, the hips, and…

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