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olympic bar


EZ Bar vs Straight Bar: Which One is Better for Me?

Using a barbell for weight training is certainly not a new concept! In fact, barbells were introduced to gyms for fitness routines dating back to Europe in the mid-1800s.  When you think of weightlifting, the outdated image of the carnival strongman may come to mind. He’s mustached, wearing a short unitard, and easily hoists a…

Archon Fitness Olympic Barbell- gym in your home - competition clips

How to Find the Perfect Olympic Barbell Set for Your Home Gym

If you’re looking to amp up your strength training, then you need to start working with an Olympic bar. Fitness gurus, professional trainers, and athletes all agree that Olympic barbells and plates are crucial for building a strong body. Whether you use them at your local gym or invest in a set for your at-home…

squat stands - Archon Fitness - gym in your home - exercise equipment store

How to Increase Your Olympic Bar Squat

The Olympic bar squat is an incredible movement with a variety of benefits. Unfortunately, many gym beginners and pros neglect this complex movement because of fear of capability, improper form, or just because it’s a move that requires the practitioner to be highly focused and aware. Skipping the Olympic bar squat is also partially due…

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