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olympic plates

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Bumper Plates: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Any weight-training regimen that’s designed to help you build lots of strength and lots of mass is going to call for some form of free weights. All weight plates, including Olympic plates, traditional, and bumper plates offer tons of advantages including flexibility and versatility in exercises, effectively producing the results you want, and they’re often…

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How to Increase Your Olympic Bar Squat

The Olympic bar squat is an incredible movement with a variety of benefits. Unfortunately, many gym beginners and pros neglect this complex movement because of fear of capability, improper form, or just because it’s a move that requires the practitioner to be highly focused and aware. Skipping the Olympic bar squat is also partially due…

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9 Full-Body Olympic/ Bumper Plate Exercises You Need to Try

You do not need bulky, expensive training equipment to work out your body from various angles. At Archon, we are firm believers that simplicity and efficiency in workout routines (and equipment) help to establish a long-term exercise practice and consistent lifestyle. Whether you have been bending the bar for years or just starting to initiate…

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