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slam ball exercises

slam ball - slam ball exercises - archon fitness

Yes, You Can Build Your Body With a Slam Ball

Building dense muscle is important for a strong, confident physique. It is equally important to train your muscles to be powerful. When you do explosive, plyometric movement, your muscles exert maximum force in short time intervals. This helps your body increase in speed, strength, and agility. When you’re wanting to improve these qualities in your…

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The Strengthening and Conditioning Benefits of Slam Balls 

If you want to build a solid, toned body, you need to incorporate cardio and weight training exercises into your routine. Adding slam ball exercises to your routine can improve your strengthening and conditioning efforts because they get your heart rate up and provide extra weight to make your muscles work harder. Whenever you’re trying…

Slam ball exercises - Archon Slam ball - Slamball workouts

9 Best Slam Ball Exercises

If you have a gym membership, you may have seen people working out with a small ball – either tossing it to a workout buddy, holding it out as they perform squats, or even slamming it on the ground. You may be wondering what that ball is and how you might be able to use…

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