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Upper Body Workouts to Do On Arm Day

If you are like many gym-goers, your schedule is broken out between arm and leg days. Some days are spent working your upper body, while others are focused on the lower body. The key to getting in good shape and reaching your goals is to mix up your workouts. Using a variety of equipment and machines will keep your workouts fun and interesting while allowing you to work a wide range of muscles. 

Whether you work out at a gym or have made your own gym at home, creating a workout schedule will help keep you accountable. Using equipment such as a power cage and attachments will keep you safe and stable even during the toughest of lifts. Next time you are ready for an arm day, try out the following workouts. 

Power Cage and Attachments Workout

A power cage is a piece of equipment most commonly found at equipment gyms. While some serious lifters invest in cages for their home gym, it’s not a common home gym item. A power cage is an excellent piece of equipment because it allows you to do many different exercises all in one place. The interior space of the power cage is designed for bench-related workouts, including incline, flat, or decline lifts. A cage typically has spots to store barbells and plates to keep your equipment organized. 

In addition, power cage workouts can be further enhanced with various attachments. Examples of attachments include a pull-up station, dip station, cable lat pull, low row, cable crossover, and pegs for resistance bands. The variety of exercises you can do in one space is astonishing. 

New to weight lifting? A power cage is an excellent way for beginner lifters to feel safe and comfortable. Power cages include safety arms that are capable of holding up to 1,000 pounds of weight. Power cage lifting is also a great option for the experienced lifter looking for a challenge and ways to switch up their daily workouts. 

Cable Machines Workout

A cable machine is a fantastic home gym investment. It allows you to get a power cage-style workout with way less equipment. The cable machine utilizes a pulley system with a weight plate on one end and various attachments on the other for the user to pull the weight up in the air. A pulley cable station is perfect for lat pulls, tricep curls, bicep curls, face pulls, and more.

When creating a home gym, this is the one arm day machine you want. The price is right, and it allows you to get the benefits of a full power cage while saving a lot of space. Additionally, it’s quite simple to put together.  


Every arm day should involve a set of dumbbells! Dumbbells are probably the easiest way to exercise the upper body using gym equipment. Most commercial gyms have an extensive set of dumbbells in a range of weights. 

Dumbbells are also the perfect option for a home gym. You don’t even need to have a dedicated gym space to use dumbbells at home. Take them out back and do squat presses on your deck. Or have your dumbbells handy and do rows while you watch your favorite TV show. The options are endless. 

Another benefit of using dumbbells is that they’re a simple way of getting a full-body workout. In addition to your arms, certain dumbbell exercises will strengthen your core, back, and even your lower body. You know an exercise is a good one when it strengthens multiple body parts at once. 

If you are just getting started lifting, start small and work your way up. The best part about a set of dumbbells is when one weight gets too easy, you simply move on to the next one. Beginners can start low at 5 pounds, while experienced lifters can grab a set of 45s! 

There is so much more to dumbbells than the simple bicep curl. Try out these exercises next time you are working out. 

  • Squat press
  • Chest press
  • Row
  • Curl
  • Lunge
  • RDL
  • Rotational press 
  • Screwdriver
  • Tricep press

Not familiar with a particular exercise? Check out YouTube videos and see how it’s done! Also, consider working with a personal trainer who can guide you through various exercises. It’s essential to make sure you are lifting with the correct form to avoid injury. 

Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine balls are weighted balls that help you build core and arm strength while improving your cardiovascular endurance. Working out with medicine balls can be done individually or with a partner. Exercises like squats and Russian twists can be done alone. Sit-ups with a partner toss are a great medicine ball activity to do with a friend. 

A medicine ball is an excellent piece of equipment for a home gym because they are small, affordable, and don’t require any setup. They also come in a variety of sizes. As with dumbbells, start with a smaller medicine ball weight, like 10 pounds, and slowly build your way up to using heavier medicine balls. 

Weight-Bearing Exercises 

Weight-bearing exercises are a good option for arm day because they don’t require any equipment at all! A weight-bearing exercise uses the weight of your own body and gravity to create resistance and tone. For example, a plank strengthens your whole body thanks to your own body weight and gravity pressing you down. 

Other weight-bearing exercises include push-ups, mountain climbers, and certain yoga poses. Weight-bearing exercises can be done from anywhere. Whether you are staying at a hotel or looking for something to do in your office on your lunch break, try a weight-bearing exercise. Get your friends, family, and coworkers to join in on your impromptu workouts. Plank challenge, anyone? 

Staying Motivated 

In theory, all these exercises sound wonderful. In reality? Staying on a consistent upper body strength workout schedule can be challenging. Whether you belong to a gym or work out at home, consistency is key. Set up a weekly workout schedule for yourself and stick to it. 

Also, be sure to schedule rest days. Working out every day of the week can lead to burnout and doesn’t give your body a chance to recover. 

Another effective way to stay motivated is to find a workout buddy. Working out with a friend will keep you accountable. Pick set days and times that you will meet your friend at the gym to work out. It’s a lot easier to bail on a gym date with yourself than on a gym date with a friend. If you like to work out at home, get your spouse or kids to keep you accountable and join in on your workouts.  

Next, keep a record of your workouts. Each day after working out, write down the exercises you did in a notebook. Be sure to date each entry. Next time you have a day where you feel down or unmotivated about your fitness, look back through your journal. It can be empowering to see the progress you’ve made. Don’t forget to date each entry so you can truly keep track of your progress over time. 

Finally, set fitness goals for yourself. Having a goal gives your workouts more purpose and helps you to stay motivated. Write down your goal as a way to hold yourself accountable. Make sure your plan is attainable. Nothing is more frustrating than setting a goal that is impossible to reach. Once you reach your goal, create a new one! 

Archon Power Cage and Attachments 

Whether it’s arm day or leg day, half the battle with working out is getting your foot out the door. When it comes to arm day, mix up your exercises to keep things fresh and fun. The power cage and attachments exercise equipment are the ultimate arm day item. Through the various attachments, this piece allows you to do so many different upper body workouts without moving from machine to machine. Many commercial gyms are outfitted with a power cage. 

In addition to a power cage, cable machines, dumbbells, medicine balls, and weight-bearing exercises are all awesome ways to strengthen and tone your upper body. The best part about all these exercises and pieces of equipment is that they do a lot more than just work your arms – they truly give you a full-body workout. For more information about workout equipment and outfitting a home or commercial gym, contact Archon today.


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