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What You Need to Know About Hex Dumbbells

Hex dumbbells are a fundamental component of a well-equipped home gym for anyone interested in healthy bodies and healthy minds. 

Archon hex dumbbells are manufactured with a solid iron core covered by a solid rubber hex dumbbell shell. The hexagonal shape ensures your dumbbells will not roll, providing absolute stability throughout your exercise program. The medium-knurling ergonomic grip provides comfort and extra grip security when working out.

Archon Fitness is more than a retail shop for workout equipment. We are a fitness company staffed by a team of dedicated professionals with a passion for health and fitness. Our team is committed to providing quality equipment and building a relationship with our customers, based on our brand knowledge and years of fitness experience.  

After you purchase a piece of equipment from Archon, our relationship has only begun. If you have questions about your equipment or would like our fitness professionals to recommend targeted exercises that work well with the equipment you purchased, all you need to do is contact us. 

We want to see you succeed. That means we want to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Let’s partner together on your fitness journey for maximum results. 

Fitness is for everyone. Visit our website today to experience the Archon Fitness difference. 

Hex Dumbbell Basics 

The dumbbell is the oldest continuously used piece of exercise equipment, dating back over 2,000 years to Ancient Greece. That piece of obscure history is enough to illustrate their effectiveness. Dumbbells worked to build muscle and strength then, and they still do now! 

Hex dumbbells get their name because the weights on either end of their bar are molded into a hexagon shape. The smooth, flat sides of the hex dumbbell provide stability and security while in use. Archon hex dumbbells are priced as a pair and sold in 5lb increments from 5lbs to 50lbs. 

The Dumbbell Difference 

One of the reasons dumbbells have been around for so long is their simplicity – and effectiveness. 

Dumbbells are used to target specific muscle groups like your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. By concentrating on the movement designed to target a particular muscle group, you can build muscle and strength over time. 

By providing you with versatility and flexibility in your workout, hex dumbbells work best when you focus on the slow, methodical movement of the specific exercise to stimulate muscle growth. 

Remember: slow, steady, and specific movements are essential to effective dumbbell use. Take the time to learn how to perform your exercises correctly. You’ll avoid injury and see results. 

Benefits of Dumbbell Use 

  • Easy-to-Use: Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or you are just beginning your journey toward healthier habits, dumbbells are easy to use and convenient to have on hand. 

By their nature, dumbbells are easy to store and are a relatively inexpensive first step in a commitment to strength training. 

Dumbbells make it easy to exercise at your own pace and comfort level. Varying weights are available, making it easy to start with a lower weight, building up your muscle and strength as you go and making the transition to heavier weights easy. 

  • Versatility: Dumbbell exercises are wide-ranging. Barbell exercises can be modified for dumbbell use. Variations like single-arm and alternating-arm exercises significantly increase the number of potential exercises.  

Dumbbell exercises are frequently used by those who have experienced injury and are still eager to train. You can easily isolate your injury and continue to train with dumbbell exercises. 

  • Injury Prevention: Nothing slows progress at the gym like an injury. Luckily, for focused, mindful dumbbell users, reports of injury are low. Dumbbell use provides a greater degree of freedom in movement and a more natural range of motion that can be easily controlled by the user. 

If you lose your balance, it’s easy to drop your dumbbells without injury, stabilize, and begin again. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when using a machine or a more complicated workout system at the gym. 

Hex Dumbbell Training Tips from the Pros

  • Warm up: No matter what exercise you’re planning to begin your workout with, it is absolutely imperative that you spend time warming up. Stretching and gently pulling your muscles with intention gets the blood flowing. Most trainers advise that you run or cycle for at least ten minutes to get your muscles burning, blood flowing, and heart rate up before you begin your workout routine. 
  • Follow instructions: When you purchase equipment from Archon, our relationship is just beginning. We want to see you succeed. If you have questions about your specific piece of equipment, contact us. Ask us what exercises we would recommend for the equipment you’re interested in purchasing. Start a dialogue! 

When our trained professionals provide you with specific workouts or training tips, we speak from years of experience. It’s important that you follow our instructions, even watch our training videos, to get the most from your exercise equipment and your workout.

  • Be kind to yourself: Effective weight training takes time. Don’t get frustrated! We understand you want to see results, and we can promise if you stay consistent in your training, you’ll see the benefits! 

Your dumbbell movements should be slow and deliberate. Pay special attention to your joints. To avoid injury, don’t lock your knees or elbows. 

Be patient. Keep at it. Encourage yourself. You’re making progress!  

  • Have a snack: After an effective workout, enjoy a light snack to replenish your system. A piece of fruit or a small, vitamin-packed healthy smoothie is a good start. Stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout. Good old-fashioned water is highly recommended! 

Fixing Common Dumbbell Workout Mistakes 

It’s easy to fall prey to common dumbbell mistakes during your workout. Use these tips to brush up your workout and perform with confidence. 

  • Weights are too heavy: If you’re using momentum to move your dumbbells through your exercises and not fully engaging the muscle group you’re trying to target, it’s highly likely that your dumbbell is too heavy. 

It’s a much better and more effective practice to use a lighter weight and focus on correct form, your exercise movement, and the targeted muscle group. 

There’s nothing wrong with starting with a lighter weight and working your way up. That’s progress! 

  • Grip isn’t quite right: You may find that your hands, wrists, and forearms are getting tired more quickly than the rest of your body. That may be due to a weak grip. 

To fix this, think about your exercise program and whether you’re gripping a set of dumbbells the same way for a long time. Schedule varied exercises that use different kinds of grips and change the way you’re holding the dumbbells to combat grip fatigue. 

  • Engage your core: It’s been a long day. You’re tired. You’ve lost focus. It’s easy to fall into old habits of poor posture. Take a minute to engage your core before you begin. Engaging your core anchors your body and makes you more aware of the muscle group you’re purposefully engaging. 

Keeping your abs tight reduces the possibility that you’ll arch your back or cave your chest forward. Both are examples of poor form and can lead to potential injury. 

Before you begin your dumbbell routine, take a minute to breathe deeply. Connect with your purpose for the exercise. Actively engage your core. Get focused and present. Then begin. 

  • Complete your reps: Don’t stop! Keep at it! To reap the benefits of your workout, you’ve got to complete your reps as advised by your trainer. To get the most from your workout, you must perform your dumbbell exercises using full range of motion. 

If you’re having trouble with your reps and realize you’re stopping mid-range, you may need to modify it. That’s ok! Make necessary modifications and then perform the exercise to full range. Remember: with dumbbells, slow and steady wins the race! 

Completing your reps as instructed, even if modifications are necessary, means that in the long run, you’ll get more out of your workout, see quicker results, and be more likely to avoid injury.  

The Archon Difference 

Archon is way more than an online retailer for workout equipment. It is a fitness company staffed by a team of passionate professionals dedicated to healthier bodies and healthy minds. 

We provide a wide selection of only the highest-quality equipment and offer free shipping on almost all items. When you purchase a piece of workout equipment from us, our relationship is just beginning. Ideally, we start a dialogue. 

We want you to know how to effectively and safely use the equipment, so you see the results you’re expecting. Communicate with one of our trainers about the equipment you’ve purchased, and let us design a workout for you that will help you meet your fitness goals. 

We are here for you. We want you to succeed. Whether you’re just beginning your journey toward fitness or you are well on your way to healthier living, you are important to us. Check out our website and start your relationship with Archon – TODAY. 

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