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What’s the Difference Between Medicine Balls, Wall Balls, and Slam Balls

Many gym members have decided that they want to pursue a safe and healthy route around the Coronavirus pandemic and begin creating their home gym. Many times these people become customers of Archon Fitness Equipment. One of the most common questions we get when people are perusing our online store is, “What’s the difference between medicine balls, wall balls, and slam balls?” 

Many of these customers have only been able to utilize what the gym offered, so they didn’t really need to know the difference between the 3 forms of equipment. However, now that they’re investing in their own home gym, they want to make sure they’re getting the right equipment for their desired goals and favorite routines. At Archon Fitness, we want our customers to be well educated and informed about equipment, workouts, forms, and techniques to ensure their own safety, as well as the safety of those around them. The type of equipment you use determines the appropriate actions and movements you can make with such items. That’s why it’s crucial to understand differences in equipment, even those that seem so similar like medicine balls, wall balls, and slam balls. 

Slam Balls VS Wall Balls VS Medicine Balls

archon fitness - fitness equipment - slam ball

At first glance, all of these pieces of equipment look the same. While there are similarities, and one may even be substituted for another on certain occasions, there are key features that make each one distinguishable. First, we’ll take a look at their similarities. 

  1. They’re all weighted balls
  2. They can all come in a variety of weight and size, ranging from two LBS up to 50 LBS.
  3. Most have textured surfaces to help improve grip
  4. They’re great equipment to have when working out with a partner
  5. They’re easily transportable 
  6. They can be used with any fitness or experience level
  7. When used appropriately they can create great fitness results

Now that we know what makes these balls very similar, it’s important to understand the difference between the workout styles, durability, and composition of these three exercise balls. Each one is suited for a specific style of exercise, and if you accidentally grab one to use in a way that it isn’t made for, you could damage your equipment and potentially injure yourself. 


slam balls - slam ball set - medicine ball - Archon fitness

The design of a slam ball is mainly to be used in throwing exercises. This ball does not bounce, instead, its function is to build explosive strength that increases functional fitness, core strength, and power. It is made of a heavy-duty rubber shell that helps soften the impact when thrown down or to another person. Slam balls can be used like a medicine ball in many exercises and is a highly versatile piece of equipment. The hefty weight of a slam ball motivates you to incorporate your entire body as you throw. Exercises utilizing slam balls encourage you to utilize your core, leading to a more full-body workout. When using a slam ball, focus on using your entire body. When a medicine ball isn’t available, slam balls can be substituted in many exercises.

A Slam Ball is best suited for throwing style exercises, such as: 

  • Overhead slams
  • Broad jump to passes
  • Lateral throws
  • Chest passes
  • Squat throws
  • Chest passes

When performing any of these exercises with a slam ball, it’s important to keep good form and posture to support the lower back and prevent injury. 


Archon Fitness - gym in your home - Wall Ball Set

Wall balls are also used in throwing exercises but should only be thrown at a wall. The design of wall balls is not made to be slammed on the floor. Though they have a durable shell, it is not made from rubber. These large balls, often the largest of the three types, have a weight that feels more like a bag of sand, kind of squishy and soft. The outer, durable material helps to maintain the shape of a ball. 

The function of wall balls is to have explosive power at a wall, to throw and catch the weight and bring strength to the upper body. Some of the most common workouts with wall balls include:

  • Side throws
  • Crunch throws
  • Overhead wall ball tosses

Correct form is also crucial with these exercises. Engaging the core and upper body muscles can ensure safety and better results.


Archon Fitness - gym in your home - medicine ball

Also known as med balls or MBs, medicine balls come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Normally made of leather, rubber, vinyl, or plastic, these balls are very durable when used correctly. Some are also designed with handles to mimic kettlebells. Medicine balls should not be thrown to the ground since they can bounce back or break, which can lead to injury to self and others.

Medicine balls allow you to work muscles from a different angle that may be difficult to target using dumbbells or free weights. The grip and feel of medicine balls can also be more comfortable for many athletes, such as when adding weight to crunches or bridges.

Medicine balls can be added to bodybuilding workouts to safely target hard-to-reach muscle groups. Incorporating medicine balls into your routines can add some challenging resistance for core strength, such as:

  • Rolling push-ups
  • V-ups
  • Med ball planks
  • When classic dumbbells feel uncomfortable or not targeting 

Now that you understand the difference between these three pieces of equipment, you know when should you go for a slam ball versus a medicine ball or even a wall ball the next time you’re at the gym. Using this guide, you can better select the right equipment for your routine and ensure that you maintain safe and effective practices. 

Should You Invest In All Three Weighted Balls?

Archon Fitness - gym in your home - medicine ball

There are some exercises and some muscle targets that aren’t suited for dumbbells or kettlebells. For example, when working out with a friend, you wouldn’t throw a dumbbell at your partner. Sometimes these tools can be awkward to grip or use for certain exercises. This is when weighted balls can save the day. But which one should you choose?

There are undoubted benefits of incorporating weighted balls into your workout. All three types of fitness equipment can help improve personal fitness by improving strength, power, and stability. Since they all provide a different function, understanding the differences and the benefits of each can help you decide which piece of equipment is best for you and when to use it.  

Slam balls, wall balls, and medicine balls all contribute to a well-rounded workout ( no pun intended) but that doesn’t mean you need all three. You can save some space and money in your gym by investing in slam balls. Slam balls are very versatile and can be used in many of the same exercises as med balls and wall balls. Also, since they’re the only form of a weighted ball that is built to be thrown on the floor, you can utilize this key body-toning function. 

At Archon Fitness, we design our slam balls with the highest quality rubber to ensure durability and safety for any fitness level. Archon slam balls also come in a variety of weights, ranging from 15 LBS to 50 LBS to meet your fitness and resistance needs. We also designed our slam balls with an optimal grip texture so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hands. To ensure you’re always challenging yourself, you can order your Archon slam balls in sets of two, three, and five balls with increasing weight sizes. 

While slam balls, wall balls, and medicine balls are slightly different, each one can serve certain training purposes within a workout, whether you’re training alone, with a partner, or with a class. If you’re still unsure about which one will work best for you, be sure to ask your local fitness coach or gym about training with this type of equipment. They may offer you some insight into what would be best for your fitness goals. 

ARCHON Fitness Equipment Is Built To Last

rule your body rule your mind - slam balls

The legacy of Archon Fitness is clear in our equipment. We design our equipment with customer needs in mind, producing quality machinery that can be used by everyone, intending to increase customers’ overall health. Archon Fitness was created by fitness advocate, Don Sprouse. He saw a specific need for high-quality, highly versatile, and justly priced equipment.  When Archon began designing and manufacturing the line of ARCHON equipment, the two major focuses were quality and functionality. 

At Archon, our team is passionate about fitness and most importantly, “Passionate about you and your fitness goals.” Whether you’re designing your personal home gym for you and your family or building a business with your commercial gym, we created ARCHON to help you achieve strength and confidence using equipment that is affordable and of the highest quality. 

Visit our website and check out all of our available equipment. You can also subscribe to our blog to get more information about our products, proper exercise form, trending news, and much more. Achieve the best possible version of yourself with Archon Fitness.

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